Will Kashmiri Pandits ever return back to kashmir : Mohammad Afaaq Sayeed

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Kashmiri Pandits : the times of Kashmir

I am also for the return of Kashmiri Pandits to #Kashmir. I have good friends among them, who have nothing to do with divisive politics. Many Kashmiri Pandits left the valley in fear. They did not want to suffer in the turmoil and become ‘soft targets’. They left valley and settled in the land of their dreams which is India.
I personally feel that Pandit migration was primarily a political movement with religious contours. India being a Hindu majority country is seen as the Divine abode of all Hindus throughout the world, Kashmiri Pandits included.
KPs love for India has basically preference to their faith engrained in it. Let us not beat round the bush and take refuge behind lofty words like Kashmiyat and Insaniyat. I have a lot of respect for Kashmiri pandits for not being hypocrites in their political choices. They love India for it’s Hindu Brahamin identity and they do not mince any words in expressing their love for it. They chose India over Kashmir just because majority of Kashmiri Muslims abhor India for various reasons, which is something unacceptable to Kashmiri Pandits .

Calling their migration a “genocide” done by Islamists is an attempt by fanatic forces within kashmiri Pandits ranks to hoodwink general Indians . It is also an attempt to reap political benefits out of this religious migration.
Will Kashmiri Pandits ever return back to Kashmir ?
My answer in No. Not in the present scenario. There are reasons for that.
1. What will they do in Kashmir. Keeping love for the motherland aside, one at the end of the day must put bread on the table for the family to eat. Situation of Kashmir is such that every second person out on the street is worried about his livelihood. There are near to no opportunities to earn in a dignified way in Kashmir. Government jobs are also scarce. So a Kashmiri pandit brought up in some Metro city won’t find Kashmir a place worth wasting his life in.
2. Most important aspect of their return remains their unflinching and unconditional love for Hindu India which majority of KMs consider as their subjugator. How will Muslims of Kashmir assimilate themselves with Kashmiri pandits and how will Kashmiri Pandits assimilate with KMs in such an atmosphere of mistrust. Won’t KMs be looking at them on micro levels, with an equal disgust with which they look at the symbols of Indian imperialism in Kashmir. Won’t they be looked at by KMs as an extended civilian arm of Indian occupational machinery
3. Will Indian policymakers allow Pandits to return back to Kashmir ? My reply to that is again No. By bringing them back, India would lose a potent reason for chest beating and whining in world bodies. To paint the Freedom struggle in Kashmir as “Pan – Islamist” movement in front of the world at large, Pandit migration has come handy to Indian diplomats.

So, when would Pandits return ?

Only if, Muslims of Kashmir abandon their long cherished dream of Freedom , consider atrocities committed by the Indian state in Kashmir as an ugly myth, forget Kashmir conflict, forget if not hate Pakistan and most importantly show their utmost love for India and become servants of Indian brahamin elite. And last but not the least,
Treat slavery as destiny , subservience to the subjugator as Divine order and insult as fait accompli.

Kashmiri pandits

Written by  ohammad  Afaaq sayeed

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