Majority of Kashmiris want newly recruited Majid khan to return home

90% of Kashmiris want newly recruited Majid khan to return home

Posts on Facebook asking Majid khan to return

Yesterday our page had a little survey inwhich we asked our readers a question weather Majid khan the newly recruited millitant. Who was an ace goalkeeper , a football lover joined the Militant ranks .
He is a lone son of his parents . A video of his mother inwhich she wept with a lot of tears and his grandmother have went viral . That video is the reason most people online want the new recruit to return back to parents .

Comments about returning of Majid khan
This is not seen much in Kashmir that a recruit is encouraged to go back to parents . Parents themselves have requested the organisation to return their son back . They have also requested the government and police of south Kashmir to try their best to make his return .
Most people who were in favour of return of Majid khan were worried about his safety if he would return .
Some leading media agencies even reported that the father of Majid khan have encountered a heart attack and is still ill.
Majid khan who is mostly named as Ben stokes have even worked with NGOs before joining the militant ranks .

Comments about Majid khan

Most of Kashmiris even accuse army of torturing Majid khan before he joined the armed ranks . Some people say he was forced to take that extreme step about joining the Militant ranks ..

Being knowledgeable about the less life expectancy of a Militant still more youth are joining the ranks which should be focused on .

Authorities are worried that Majid khan may turn into a new poster boy . Majid khan who is in his twenties left the home and the parents came to know about his joining of Militant ranks after a picture of him went viral with AK-47 riffle..

Majid  should return back to his parents that is what all of the people want as well as their parents.

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